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Monday, September 5, 2011

What is the Amber Child Safety System™?

What is the Amber Child Safety System™? This system collects your child's information, starting with his/her description (height, weight, hair color, eye color, marks etc.) We also record and store fingerprints, dental records, and medical information. For more information:
Donna Norris, Mother of Amber Hagerman (of Amber Alert)
14 Years After the Death of Her Child, Donna Norris, is Still Doing All She Can to Protect Children:
"I am the Mother of Amber Hagerman (of Amber Alert). In 2009 I lost my father and my husband. My son also moved away to college and I am left with more time to dedicate to the recovery of missing children. No parent should ever know the pain of losing a child the way I did, that's why I am so proud to be a part of this, I know it will help save children… This is the one thing no parent should be without. I know there are a lot of companies out there using my child's name to market their products, but this is the only one that has my permission to use Amber's name, it's the only one I BELIEVE IN…."
Because every child is worth protecting...

FACT: 2100 children are reported missing every day in the US, that’s about 800,000 every year.
"Parents need much more than just a Child ID kit. The average ID kit parents have for their child will not help Law Enforcement find that child if he or she becomes missing or is abducted. That type of kit gives parents a false sense of security. The information in those kits (finger prints, DNA, ect.) are useful for identifying a body, but not for locating a missing child."
Tad Camp – CEO Amber Child Safety


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