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Monday, October 29, 2012

Geeks Get Clever to Help Find Missing Children with Custom 404 Pages:

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Geeks Get Clever to Help Find Missing Children with Custom 404 Pages


Over the years, enterprising programmers have taken advantage of 404 pages by automatically redirecting visitors to useful and sometimes wildly creative pages. Not surprisingly, a lot of people visit incorrect pages on websites leaving that error page ripe for creativity. Now, a group has decided to put these error pages to use locating missing children., a initiative of missing and abused children non-profit organizations, has tasked website owners with using 404 pages as a place for information about missing children. The virtual milk cartons show a photo of the child and information about him or her along with the headline, "Page not found. Neither is..." and the name of the child.
It's a pretty inventive way to distribute information about missing kids and something a lot of people will see. Several companies have already agreed to begin providing the custom error pages for their websites.
Frankly, this is the kind of thing sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like should adopt. It provides and invaluable service and the amount of traffic they get daily potentially leads to thousands of visitors every day seeing missing children they might never have known existed. It's a good use of otherwise unused space on a website.

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