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Friday, November 2, 2012

FBI - Crime in the United States, 2011:

Crime in the United States, 2011

Mollie Halpern: The FBI’s 2011 Crime in the United States Report shows that violent crimes, such as murder and rape, dropped for the fifth year in a row. They decreased 3.8 percent when compared with 2010.
David Cuthbertson: Property crimes declined for the ninth consecutive year. They were reduced approximately .5 percent compared with 2010.
Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern, and this is FBI, This Week. Crime in the U.S. is a statistical compilation of reported crimes voluntarily provided to the FBI by more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide. It shows what crimes were reported in specific areas. David Cuthbertson, the assistant director of the Criminal Justice Information Services, cautions against using the data to rank the safety of cities.
Cuthbertson: Many socio-economic factors go into whether a community is considered safe or not.
Halpern: The data can impact FBI resources…
Cuthbertson: Our special agents in charge in the field will use Crime in the United States to help them decide where to deploy our resources in conjunction with the already existing FBI priorities.
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