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Monday, March 11, 2013

Cass County Sheriff's Department assembles Missing Child Response Team:

Cass County Sheriff's Department assembles Missing Child Response Team

It's a situation every parent prays they'll never face, losing a child after a kidnapping or abduction.
Although the Amber Alert system has been around for more than ten years, some police departments have never conducted an investigation into an abducted child.
So there's still a need for training, especially assembling rapid response teams that can come together quickly and start searching for a child immediately.
Studies show the longer a child is missing, the higher the chances he or she will be murdered.
“The point is if you have a missing child, we can't wait until it’s an abduction,” says Captain Lyndon Parrish. “We have to act immediately. A lot of times we'll get a call from an adult where they have waited five or six hours.”
Cass County decided to name their team the Missing Child Response Team. They wanted to focus on the recovery of all children, not just ones lost in emergency situations.

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