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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

IKEA is re-issuing a recall for the Malm dressers:

Elizabeth Hendren, WTSP 5:55 PM. EST November 21, 2017

Parents, if you still have a dresser from IKEA in your home and you haven't secured it to the wall,  the retailer hopes you will listen to this.

IKEA is re-issuing a recall for the Malm dressers.

The parents of a two-year-old boy are suing the retailer after a Malm dresser fell on top of him at the family's California home.

He's one of eight children who has been killed by dressers tipping over.

IKEA took quite a bit of criticism from groups like 'Kids in Danger' and the 'American Academy of Pediatrics,' who say the retailer didn't do enough to get the word out about the chests and dressers.

There are about 17 million of the recalled dressers that are still out there across the country.

It's pretty simple to fix.

You can get a refund or a free wall anchoring kit.

If you opt for the refund, IKEA will even pick up the dresser from your home free of charge.

If you want to keep it, IKEA will come out and anchor it to the wall.

For either of those options, just log on to Ikea's website or you can call them toll-free.

WTSP 10 News - Video and Source

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