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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trinity Mount Ministries International Missing Children

by Brett Fletcher  @TrinityMount

The reasons why Trinity Mount Ministries posts international missing children cases:

1. A significant number of people connected to Trinity Mount Ministries, by design, are located in other countries, outside of the United States. This includes law enforcement agencies and personnel, child advocates, organizations and individuals.

2. Because of human trafficking and child sex trafficking, as well as parental abductions, the missing children could be anywhere on the planet, as well as down the street, blocks away, in the city or town they live in, in the state and country where they live or other countries.

3. Parental Abductions

Some have said, "At least they're with their parent(s)."

Response: Just because they (the abducted children) are in the company of their parents doesn't mean they (the children) are automatically safe and that the parents are 'good' and sane individuals. Then, I ask them, how many times have they heard of parental abduction cases where the children are abused and/or murdered? It would be hard to justify parental abductions, based on what we know happens in many cases.

Perhaps, the only time parental removal of children, by the parent(s) who don't have legal custody rights, would be - if they (the children) are in immediate danger and the parent(s ) have ample evidence supporting thier claims, as well as being able to prove they had full intentions of contacting law enforcement once the parent(s) and children are in a safe place. Even in this scenario it must be understood - it is highly illegal, and the parent(s) are at risk of legal prosecution and/or conviction.

In short, abducted children can be moved to any place on this planet by their abductors. Whether stranger, acquaintance, family or parental abductions, it should be assumed that the children are in immediate danger.

So, this is why Trinity Mount Ministries posts international missing children cases as well as local, regional and national cases.

Brett Fletcher, MHRS, MS.Psy, Th.G, founder of Trinity Mount Ministries

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