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Monday, July 16, 2018

Trinity Mount Ministries - Please Join Us In Making This World A Safer Place For Our Children

Child abuse, child sex trafficking rings, child pornography rings, child abductions, family pedophile groups, corrupt child protective services, corrupt foster care systems, corrupt adoption agencies, abusive child placement organizations...

Not long ago, these topics were hardly discussed and hardly believed by the general public. It's being talked about now and believed by many, that these things are happening and - slowly but surely, there's an increase of news reports and arrests being made, while still a huge part of the population would lable these topics as conspiracy theories, being invented by conspiracy nuts.

The tables are turning, more people are believing these crimes do exist and are demanding transparency and accountability from agencies that are in charge of child placements, more investigations into reports of child abuse with more follow-up visits taking place.

So, finally, the time of unchecked child abuse will come to an end, the 'elite' pedophiles and their child trafficking and pornography rings are being shut down, while arrests and convictions are taking place. Soon, the people who don't believe these child abuse cases even exist will have to change their minds, with so much coverage and people getting involved in revealing what's been happening to children around the world for decades. 

Thank you for caring,

Brett Fletcher of Trinity Mount Ministries

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