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Sunday, December 15, 2019

To Facebook Administration - Stop Blocking Missing Children Posters!

To Facebook Administration,

Once again, you've blocked my ability to help missing and exploited children and to share child safety resources. I will send this message on all of my social media accounts (like I've done before), making thousands of people aware of Facebook's actions, rejecting my ability to help missing and exploited children through my organization, Trinity Mount Ministries. I will continue to post this message until this issue is resolved.

Facebook fails all of their users by blocking them from posting without telling them why, not offering an avenue to contact Facebook and address this issue and other issues, etc., which makes Facebook, overall, a very unpleasant experience. This is one reason you are losing users in large numbers, as well as all of the privacy issues, being cold and distant from the users - and inturn - causing anxiety and depression for no good reason.
Facebook - please get your act together.

Brett Fletcher, MHRS, MS.Psy, Th.G, Founder of Trinity Mount Ministries

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