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Friday, December 27, 2013

Safety experts warn to childproof Christmas electronics:

By Jenny Dreasler

If you got your child a new tablet or cell phone for Christmas, local electronic experts warn if you're not careful, it could compromise your child's safety.

That's why Bob Mitchell with Cell-Tech in Quincy says you need to childproof your electronics. He says many children accidentally download apps that put them in contact with strangers. That's why Mitchell says it's important to only let your child play games that don't require internet access.

Mitchell says there are some free applications you can use to help monitor what your child is doing.

"You can get different apps to track your kid, you know what they do, where they are, there's a good app called 'Life 360' that you can get that way you can track where everybody is it sort of keeps the family tied together, those are nice apps to have," Mitchell says.

Another tip: Mitchell says don't auto save any passwords on electronics. He says this can lead to unwanted purchases on your account. He says unfortunately there are many adult applications out there that look like legitimate children's games.