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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The “Rules of the Game” Books: Autism - Aspergers - ASD Help for Parents!

Who Else Needs Help and Advice With Autism, Aspergers, ASD ?    

"Would you like step-by-step guidance to make talking to

your kids about different situations easier ?"

From: Kerri Stocks
Wednesday, 3:45 p.m.
Dear Fellow Parent,
My son has Autism, and I also have a younger daughter.
He was affected very strongly by his social surroundings, and his emotions overloaded him every minute.
" I developed 4 books to help my children keep their power and self dignity in tact."
Here's what I did to help, and here's what I've got to offer you:

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Here are the 4 "Rules Of The Game" books
Topics covered in Book 1
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Reflecting
  • Communicate
  • Rules
  • Idioms
  • Responsible
  • You are OK
  • Body Language
  • Different Perspectives
  • Exceptions To The Rules
Topics covered in Book 2
  • Think It - Don't Say It
  • Taking The Blame
  • Me, Me, Me
  • Copying
  • Cheezed Off
  • When They Stare
  • It's Worth A Try
  • Mistakes, Oops
Topics covered in Book 3
  • Unspoken Expectations
  • Words
  • Expectations
  • Respect
  • Choices
  • Opinions
  • Disappointed
  • Pretending
  • Just Pick It Up
Topics covered in Book 4
  • Hurting On The Inside
  • Bullies
  • Just Ask
  • Look At Me
  • Hush
  • When Things Just Suck
  • Remember ... What ?
  • Up words and down words
  • Getting to know me
  • This Is Me mini book
  •'re snowballing
  • Thoughts=Feelings=Responses
  • Re-Think It !
  • Do you feel what I feel ?
  • Teachers Role

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The “Rules of the Game” books allow children to understand their emotions
They learn about the world’s 'social ways' and also allows them to learn
what responsibility they own, and what responsibility does not belong
on their shoulders, and in fact belongs to another person.

These books are very thorough and are not just books that can be read and put away.
They were developed so parents and children can use them daily, flick to whichever topic suits the situation and read through it, then mould it to fit different situations.
They are broken up into different stories, and when used consistently,
allows the child to take the knowledge and utilize it in the every day situations.

Allowing the child to break down situations into different segments (e.g. if someone says something offensive they can think to themselves, “oh that is an opinion and everyone has one, and it does not mean it is the truth”) allows for a sense of control and understanding, and they can then  focus on what is important in their lives, and not waste time in becoming worked up on things they cannot control.

The “Rules of the Game” books were initially developed for my son
and daughter to assist them with their every day experiences.

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