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Monday, September 5, 2011

Instant Amber Safety! Helping to keep your children safe:

Do you have a plan?
If your child goes missing, do you have a plan? InstantAmber is the solution! In an emergency, every second counts. 

Developed with the help and support of law enforcement.
Police Badge
InstantAmber is a wonderful resource for law enforcement. Time is of the essence in a missing child case and the InstantAmber system gives the police immediate information on the child. Every parent would be wise to sign up their child.
Chris McDonough
Homicide Detective, Retired

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

STOP IT NOW! Prevention Tip Sheets:

Share Prevention Tip Sheets in Your Community:

We encourage you to print and share these tip sheets in your family and community.  These are licensed under Creative Commons which allows you to reproduce them as long as you follow these Guidelines. Please contact us about permissions.
Nine Questions Parents Need to Ask When Selecting a Program for their Child
Choosing a school or program is one of the most complicated and emotional decisions you have to make as a parent.   The specific activities, the schedule, the costs, how it matches your child’s needs and interest-- all these things play a part in your decision. Whether or not the school has a child sexual abuse prevention policy needs to be a consideration.
Twelve Questions About Your Behavior Only You Can Answer

Do you need help?

If you are wondering about your own sexual thoughts and behaviors toward children, we encourage you to answer these questions honestly. They are designed to help you decide whether you may need help. Take a few minutes to ask yourself the following twelve questions.
Keeping Adults and Children Safe on the Internet
The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and function in our day-to-day lives exposing us all to an unimagined volume of ideas and possibilities. We are only beginning to understand the full impact that such expanded access to images and information is having on adults and children.
Sexual Safety in Sports: Talking about Coaches Who Show Inappropriate Interest in Kids
Too often, the news carries stories about a bus driver, teacher, or even coach who sexually abused a child, stories that leave us wringing our hands. And yet, how many of us know what to watch out for or how to talk to our child when the risk of sexual abuse is more complicated than the scary guy at the playground offering them candy to get in his car.
Talking to Children and Teens
Experience has taught us that actions by adults can be more effective than expecting kids to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Still, we know that children* also need accurate, age-appropriate information about child sexual abuse and confidence that adults they know will support them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keeping our children safe isn't just a family responsibility:

Keeping our children safe isn't just a family responsibility - but a community and social concern as well. Parents - know your neighbors, as well as your kids' teachers, coaches, mentors, etc...please do not assume that your children are safe in the presence of an adult.
Stop It Now! Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: 
Trinity Mount Ministries Website: 
@StopItNow @TrinityMount (Twitter)
A Christian Ministry with a focus on the safe return of missing children worldwide. Offering resources to keep children safe. Administrator - Brett Fletcher.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Internet Safety 101: Enough Is Enough Campaign:

"Enough Is Enough" is a great program all parents should utilize!
Educating, equipping and empowering adults to protect the children under their care from Internet dangers.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The “Rules of the Game” Books: Autism - Aspergers - ASD Help for Parents!

Who Else Needs Help and Advice With Autism, Aspergers, ASD ?    

"Would you like step-by-step guidance to make talking to

your kids about different situations easier ?"

From: Kerri Stocks
Wednesday, 3:45 p.m.
Dear Fellow Parent,
My son has Autism, and I also have a younger daughter.
He was affected very strongly by his social surroundings, and his emotions overloaded him every minute.
" I developed 4 books to help my children keep their power and self dignity in tact."
Here's what I did to help, and here's what I've got to offer you:

Click Here To Order! 

Here are the 4 "Rules Of The Game" books
Topics covered in Book 1
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Reflecting
  • Communicate
  • Rules
  • Idioms
  • Responsible
  • You are OK
  • Body Language
  • Different Perspectives
  • Exceptions To The Rules
Topics covered in Book 2
  • Think It - Don't Say It
  • Taking The Blame
  • Me, Me, Me
  • Copying
  • Cheezed Off
  • When They Stare
  • It's Worth A Try
  • Mistakes, Oops
Topics covered in Book 3
  • Unspoken Expectations
  • Words
  • Expectations
  • Respect
  • Choices
  • Opinions
  • Disappointed
  • Pretending
  • Just Pick It Up
Topics covered in Book 4
  • Hurting On The Inside
  • Bullies
  • Just Ask
  • Look At Me
  • Hush
  • When Things Just Suck
  • Remember ... What ?
  • Up words and down words
  • Getting to know me
  • This Is Me mini book
  •'re snowballing
  • Thoughts=Feelings=Responses
  • Re-Think It !
  • Do you feel what I feel ?
  • Teachers Role

Click Here To Order! 

The “Rules of the Game” books allow children to understand their emotions
They learn about the world’s 'social ways' and also allows them to learn
what responsibility they own, and what responsibility does not belong
on their shoulders, and in fact belongs to another person.

These books are very thorough and are not just books that can be read and put away.
They were developed so parents and children can use them daily, flick to whichever topic suits the situation and read through it, then mould it to fit different situations.
They are broken up into different stories, and when used consistently,
allows the child to take the knowledge and utilize it in the every day situations.

Allowing the child to break down situations into different segments (e.g. if someone says something offensive they can think to themselves, “oh that is an opinion and everyone has one, and it does not mean it is the truth”) allows for a sense of control and understanding, and they can then  focus on what is important in their lives, and not waste time in becoming worked up on things they cannot control.

The “Rules of the Game” books were initially developed for my son
and daughter to assist them with their every day experiences.

                                Click Here To Order! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

FBI Top Stories - Fraud In The Family:

Fraud in the Family
The Case of the Cheating Foster Parents

Fraud in the Family 
It’s almost unthinkable—parents stealing from their own foster child. But here’s a story about a couple who did exactly that.
It’s also a case that Tampa FBI Agent Dan Kelly, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Terry Corn, and Acting U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill (now U.S. Attorney) won’t soon forget. Said Kelly, “For financial crime investigations, we often don’t get to know the victims, but in this instance, it was hard not to be absorbed into this boy’s situation.”
It started back in 2000, when 13-year-old Markus Kim suffered an unimaginable loss—his father murdered his mother. Markus was eventually placed with foster parents Radhames and Asia Oropeza in Flushing, New York.
About six months later, Markus learned he was entitled to a $500,000 life insurance policy that his mother had taken out. He couldn’t access the money until he turned 18…in the interim it would be managed by the life insurance company. Not long after, Radhames and Asia Oropeza began suggesting that Markus consider real estate investing when he became of age.  
Around the time Markus turned 18, his foster parents left New York without a word to him. Turns out they had moved to Florida, and about a year later, he was invited down to visit them. The Oropezas convinced their foster son to buy two $200,000 certificates of deposit (CDs) from a local bank…to better protect his money, they said. Because Markus trusted them, he followed their advice, and even allowed Asia Oropeza to co-sign bank documents.
The bank told Markus he’d receive monthly $1,000 checks—interest earned by the CDs. But after two checks, they stopped coming. He discovered that the CD accounts had been emptied and closed by Asia Oropeza.  
So how did the FBI become involved? Markus, becoming exceedingly frustrated, contacted a legal aid attorney in New York, who in turn sought the help of an attorney in Florida. The attorney, who worked the case pro bono, contacted Acting U.S. Attorney O’Neill in Tampa. And O’Neill got in touch with the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
Our investigation revealed that the couple used the CDs—which were also in Asia Oropeza’s name—as collateral when applying for two separate mortgage loans, and then once the CDs matured, they used the funds to pay off those loans.
Outcome. Asia Oropeza pled guilty to fraud, while her husband was later convicted at trial. They were ordered to pay Markus restitution, had their real estate holdings seized, and received prison terms.
And last month in Tampa, during a press conference attended by investigators and prosecutors who worked the case, the 25-year-old Markus, who works as a concert stage hand in New York, received full restitution—a check for $409,662.07. He told the press that receiving the money gave him “a new lease on life.”
Special Agent Kelly says that the investigation brought him and everyone else involved a great deal of satisfaction. “Cases like this,” he explained, “show us what kind of impact our work actually has, and that’s what keeps us out there doing it every day.”
- Press release