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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

STOP IT NOW! Prevention Tip Sheets:

Share Prevention Tip Sheets in Your Community:

We encourage you to print and share these tip sheets in your family and community.  These are licensed under Creative Commons which allows you to reproduce them as long as you follow these Guidelines. Please contact us about permissions.
Nine Questions Parents Need to Ask When Selecting a Program for their Child
Choosing a school or program is one of the most complicated and emotional decisions you have to make as a parent.   The specific activities, the schedule, the costs, how it matches your child’s needs and interest-- all these things play a part in your decision. Whether or not the school has a child sexual abuse prevention policy needs to be a consideration.
Twelve Questions About Your Behavior Only You Can Answer

Do you need help?

If you are wondering about your own sexual thoughts and behaviors toward children, we encourage you to answer these questions honestly. They are designed to help you decide whether you may need help. Take a few minutes to ask yourself the following twelve questions.
Keeping Adults and Children Safe on the Internet
The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and function in our day-to-day lives exposing us all to an unimagined volume of ideas and possibilities. We are only beginning to understand the full impact that such expanded access to images and information is having on adults and children.
Sexual Safety in Sports: Talking about Coaches Who Show Inappropriate Interest in Kids
Too often, the news carries stories about a bus driver, teacher, or even coach who sexually abused a child, stories that leave us wringing our hands. And yet, how many of us know what to watch out for or how to talk to our child when the risk of sexual abuse is more complicated than the scary guy at the playground offering them candy to get in his car.
Talking to Children and Teens
Experience has taught us that actions by adults can be more effective than expecting kids to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Still, we know that children* also need accurate, age-appropriate information about child sexual abuse and confidence that adults they know will support them.

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