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Thursday, November 3, 2011

FBI - Child Pornographer Behind Bars:

Child Pornographer Behind Bars

Mollie Halpern: An Oklahoma man who snapped pornographic pictures of a child who knew and trusted him is now behind bars.
Aaron Green: When we asked him, “Well, why did you do that?”—he was intending to trade them for other pictures. There was absolutely no question that this was a child being exploited.
Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern of the FBI, and this is Gotcha. During an undercover operation, a special agent in the LA Field Office caught Richard Don Hilburn sharing child pornography on the Internet. After obtaining a search warrant, the FBI and its law enforcement partners searched and seized hard drives from Hilburn’s home. Case Agent Aaron Green says FBI forensic analysis of Hilburn’s computer turned up thousands of graphic pictures and videos of infants and young boys and girls.
Green: One on particular hard drive that I personally logged, 12,155 images.
Halpern: Hilburn was sentenced to 262 months in prison. To learn more about the Bureau’s programs to protect children online, visit This is the FBI’s closed case of the week.

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