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Monday, October 1, 2012

Alpha Relief - Burma's Undercover Missionaries:

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Alpha Relief in Wire.

Tucked away in a Burmese mountain town, lies a small school. From the exterior, it appears to be nothing more than a private place for learning. But the within its walls, a band of undercover missionaries prepares to go into the darkest, most dangerous parts of the country.
Van and Sing are two of the most recent graduates of this covert school. They have dedicated the past four years to studying God’s Word and learning techniques for sharing their faith in hostile environments. As their time at the school neared its end, both heard God’s call to share their faith deep inside Burma’s war zones. They also knew they might never return.
Two very different roads lay before them…

From the beginning, this young man knew the road the Lord set him on was wrought with danger. The Shan villages Van serves have been in the midst of a devastating civil war with the Burmese Army for decades. And if that weren’t perilous enough, if the Shan people learn his true ethnicity, they will kill him. You see Van is Burmese, and that makes him a sworn enemy of the very people serves.
Myanmar, refugee, orphans, hopeThe Lord opened doors for Van using the children of the Shan villages, many whose parents have died in Burmese Army attacks. The children have responded to Van’s elaborate Bible storytelling and dramas. With eager hearts many have accepted Christ.
The children beg Van to sing songs that he writes, which speak of Christ’s love for them. Since most of the orphans have only known suffering, Van’s songs have become a source of hope and healing. One little girl told Van that when she sings, her nightmares disappear.

God led Sing to a remote area of Burma where a transient people group live in abject poverty. The tribe’s people are forced to move regularly, fleeing from the brutal Burmese Army, who tramples and burns their camps, and beats (often killing) those unable to retreat quickly enough. They force those who survive to become porters or mine sweepers. Those who remain on the run are broken hearted and in great need of hope.
Burma Myanmar orphans refugeeThe people are wary of outsiders, but Sing noticed immediately how she could help the children. One by one, she would spend time with a child cutting matted hair, trimming overgrown nails, speaking of Christ’s love, and giving the youngster a makeover from the inside out. Before her Bible training she would never have guessed her skills as a beautician would be the very tool she needed for evangelism.
The children’s physical changes mirrored the spiritual renewal inside each young heart and as a result many parents invited Sing into their homes. The Gospel is spreading quickly amongst the people.
myanmar burma orphans rescueSing’s skills and role have been greatly expanded lately. For the past few months, Sing has taken it upon herself to relocate the widows and orphans to protect them from future attacks. This act of Christ’s love and compassion has most villagers in awe because for a long time they have barely had enough strength to watch out for themselves.
Van and Sing face many dangers because of their work. Efforts to rescue those in need are seen as a betrayal of the government, and these deeds will not go unpunished should the army capture the missionaries. Though they spread a message the Burmese army hates, Van and Sing press on, knowing they are right where the Lord has called them.
Alpha Relief is proud to call Van and Sing our friends. This month we invite you to help Van and Sing continue their incredibly dangerous yet fruitful missions. Here is what they need:
“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matt. 10:16 (NIV)

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