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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to What is it?

404 children

404 child not found

Welcome to What is it? Well, it’s a joint initiative of Missing Children Europe and Child Focus, charities which support missing kids or those suffering from abuse. And they want website owners to take advantage of their dead digital assets by making use of their 404 ‘not found’ error pages.
On participating websites, visitors to such pages get to read the message ‘Page not found, neither is XX’ with the name of a missing child inserted. Plus there’s is a photo of the person along with the date he/she went missing.
At the moment, the app largely shows missing children in Belgium, but in the next few weeks, will add support for further European countries, with the US and Canada to follow later.
Brands onboard include media giant RTL and UK new media company Affinity, with the latter busy selling the idea on.
“We are in the process of contacting all of our clients that we have produced websites for and offering to update the code on their websites for free so that their 404 Page Not Found pages will publish data about children currently missing in Europe,” says Affinity.
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