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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CyberTipline - Success Stories - July 2012

CyberTipline® Success Stories
July 2012
Report Sexual Exploitation of Children to the CyberTipline.
Child Pornography Suspect Arrested; Child Rescued
On Feb. 26, 2012, the CyberTipline received five reports from a registered Electronic Service Provider (ESP) regarding a user who had reportedly emailed sexually abusive images of pre-pubescent children to another individual using their service. The ESP provided information, including an email address, screen name, and zip code associated with the reported suspect. An Exploited Children Division (ECD) analyst quickly traced the reported zip code to a location in Connecticut. Through extensive online searches of the reported email address, she found an online profile containing important clues, including:

• A possible nickname and last name for the suspect
• Various postings made by the suspect using a mobile device that originated from different cities in Connecticut
• A message alluding to the suspect’s first name
• A photo album containing various images of an adult male with two female children
• References to the children’s names, ages, and the older child’s date of birth
• The name of the suspect’s wife
After finding a potential full name and location, the analyst conducted public records database searches that yielded one possible match. The information not only corroborated the spouse’s name located on the profile, but also confirmed the connection between the individual identified by the analyst and the email address provided by the ESP. The analyst quickly forwarded the CyberTipline report to the Connecticut Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, an OJJDP-funded program operated out of the Connecticut State Police.

Connecticut State Troopers promptly contacted the reporting ESP and were granted access to the suspect’s email account, where they found an alarming video depicting the sexual abuse of a previously unidentified child victim. As a result, ICAC investigators, along with representatives from the local police department, executed a search warrant on the suspect’s home the following day. Law enforcement seized several items from the residence and conducted an on-scene examination, which returned over 300 child pornography images.

On April 13, 2012, the 28-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornography in the First Degree, Promoting a Minor in an Obscene Performance, and Obscenity. Unfortunately, this was the tip of the iceberg. Investigators identified the child featured in the video found in the suspect’s email account and subsequently charged him with six counts of Sexual Assault in the First degree, five counts of Sexual Assault in the Fourth degree, and ten counts of Risk of Injury to a Child. If convicted of all of the charges, the suspect faces a sentence of 35 years to life in prison.

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