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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FBI - The Hoover Legacy Part 5:

The Hoover Legacy, 40 Years After Part 5: A Day in the Life:


It’s 50 years ago today, a warm morning in late September 1962. The 67-year-old J. Edgar Hoover—who by then had served as FBI Director for 38 years—woke up, showered, and dressed. Hoover’s long-time house-keeper, Annie Fields, served breakfast, and the Director shared a fair amount of it with his two Cairn Terriers—Cindy and G-Boy, his third dog by that name.

By 8 a.m., a Bureau driver arrived to get Hoover and then drove a few blocks away and picked up Associate Director Clyde Tolson. Since it was a nice day, the car stopped on Virginia Avenue near the National Mall. The two elderly gentlemen got out and walked the remaining six or seven blocks to the Department of Justice building.

Once inside, Hoover and Tolson took the elevator to the fifth floor. Hoover’s office suite was at the corner of the building on Pennsylvania Avenue and 9th Street, and Tolson’s was across the hall. For the first hour or so, Hoover worked from his private office, reading through the many reports, offering his comments, and issuing his orders on the Bureau’s large and diverse number of cases and administrative matters.

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