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Friday, September 7, 2012

FBI - Infant Abductors Using New and Violent Techniques:

Infant Abductors Using New and Violent Techniques


 Mollie Halpern: The FBI has an important message for new and expecting parents. Emerging trends show women who abduct infants are using new methods to commit their crimes.
I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau, and this is FBI, This Week.
The FBI is seeing an increase in infant abductions in non-hospital settings. The rise is attributed to enhanced security measures at hospitals. Intelligence Analyst Ashli-Jade Douglas with the Criminal Investigative Division says that as a result, women abductors are using more direct and sometimes violent techniques…
Ashli-Jade Douglas: In some cases with expectant mothers, they actually cut the infant out of the mother’s womb, thus killing the mother and attempting to take the infant.
Halpern: Abductors are now using social media to target pregnant and new mothers. The sites are an easier and less risky way for perpetrators to develop trusting relationships with their victims.
Douglas: We want to get the message out to these new and expectant mothers to let them know, on these social networking sites, make sure that your privacy settings are up to par.
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