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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Facebook - Blocking Missing Children Posters and Child Safety Posts...AGAIN!

Now - this message is being shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and the Trinity Mount Ministries Blog:

Dear Facebook Administration - thank you for - once again - blocking Trinity Mount Ministries for the next week:

What did I do wrong this time? As if you're actually going to treat me like a paying client rather than an algorithm. Do you not like my posts of missing children posters and child safety posts?

Also, I've been trying to pay my Facebook ads bill for months - you tell me in one of your automatic messages that I don't have authority to make my payment?

Once again, Facebook is attacking our efforts to help find missing children and protect children by promoting child safety.

Like before - when you restricted me from posting Trinity Mount Ministries alerts and notifications, I will publish this issue to multimedia outlets and everywhere else I can post it.

Once again, it seems like Facebook Administration is against the safety and well-being of children...what a shame.

Brett Fletcher, MHRS, MS.Psy, Th.G - Founder of Trinity Mount Ministries

PS - This is no way to treat a client that has spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads. I wish your boss -  Mark Zuckerberg could read this. But, no, that won't happen. I'm sure he's too busy to deal with your many mistakes throughout the many years concerning banning the efforts of Trinity Mount Ministries to make a difference in the lives of children locally, statewide, nationally and globally, as well as our efforts to combat Child Trafficking and promote child safety. Once again, nice job Facebook.